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Shape the digital future

Simplify Operations

We should not fool ourselves: Modernizing and transforming software landscapes is not a simple matter that is somehow done "on the side." You need to bundle all of your strengths if you want to succeed on your way toward the digital future. You may also be forced to make do with the human resources and funding that is currently available to you.

Ensuring smooth SAP operations that deliver on-demand services while also reducing TCO in order to free up funding for innovation. Putting a strong effort into transformation projects that are vital to the future of your business. Are you wondering just how that can be done under these circumstances? Ask us – we have solutions for several use cases to share with you …

Fujitsu solutions and services give you the agility you need to make the transition to the future.

Fujitsu is a leader when it comes to the provisioning of standardized SAP services. With SAP Operations Management, you can entrust us with responsibility for these services. And if you opt for Fujitsu Cloud Services for SAP Solutions, we also take care of the resources for you. 

Another option for you might be solution like PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes. This integrated system simplifies and fully automates the management of SAP applications and SAP HANA or SAP S/4HANA. Users profit from less complexity, lower investments and the agility that enterprises need in the digital age.

Discover further offerings for inspiring simplicity in a changing world that are available from the Fujitsu end-to-end portfolio.

Your benefits

  • Fujitsu services and services free up the time you need for modernization and transformation
  • You have the agility required to keep pace with dynamic and changing business demands
  • Ample performance and availability for your SAP applications and databases are ensured
  • You profit from better cost transparency and efficiency