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Shape the digital future

Simplify decision making

In the digital age we will be using huge amounts of data from various sources in real time – there is no doubt about that!

This is not a bold prediction: Today real-time data already improves the quality of decision making in many areas and speeds up processes as well. And that is not all: Those who can establish unconventional data relationships quickly discover new and surprising perspectives which in turn lead to new ideas and innovation. And this is really where big data offers businesses great opportunities in the digital age, because faster and better decisions are essential for staying ahead of the competition.

How can you leverage the impressive advantages of SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA more effectively for your business? The best way is with support from an expert who has been involved in the development of groundbreaking in-memory technology for big data from the very beginning: Fujitsu.

More flexible, more precise, faster, more future-centric, more efficient and more innovative … there is a host of reasons why business enterprises are shaping their future with innovative in-memory technology from SAP. What will be the decisive factor for your business?

Find out by taking advantage of Fujitsu Services for SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA. We offer packages for exploring in-memory technology, and we provide you with in-depth expertise for developing your own specific strategy – our support also covers the design,implementation and smooth operation of your solution. 

With Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA, we offer you turnkey end-to-end solutions that are dimensioned to perfectly fit with your requirements. This means that you don't need time-consuming planning and test phases, and  that your solution runs with the highest levels of efficiency and availability.

Of course, you may want to use SAP HANA as a cloud service provided from our high-security data centers. That gives you maximum flexibility, reduces investment costs and unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

Discover further offerings for inspiring simplicity in a changing world that are available from the Fujitsu end-to-end portfolio.

Your benefits

  • You will reach your goals much easier with Fujitsu as your one-stop shopping partner
  • Get the most from what big data can do for your business
  • Your ideal solution can be put into productive operation quickly – regardless of whether it is installed on-premise or provided from the Fujitsu Cloud
  • Business processes will be faster, and you will boost innovation
  • You will always have the highest levels of performance and availability